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Gao Sanxue is unripe how should improve study efficiency
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Tall 3 this year, time becomes more precious rise, if why obtain result inside very short time,raise the question that is many student cares substantially. Improving study efficiency is imperative, this is common very complex issue, also matter to the problem of student achievement and destiny. With what kind of method can you improve study efficiency after all so? I am in a few this years all the time height of a gleam of 3 graduation class, summary gives a few following respects to be able to make the student improves study efficiency substantially:

One, should have good state of mind.

Tall a few students of 3 have pressure commonly, pressing want to improve result, once take an exam a few times later, the achievement that discovers oneself has not gotten rising, feel oneself did not take an examination of the hope of famous brand university, some is abandonment even. Return some 2 moment did not learn student Gao Yigao well, enter tall 3 moment begin to regret ceaselessly, suspect to oneself, feel to be rescued impossibly from personal achievement came back, as a result learns at taking distrustful state of mind, so these are incorrect. No matter how should believe oneself, maintain good state of mind, believe the effort that passes oneself can realize his desire certainly.

Still I must say, have a few students " state of mind is too good " , their some says to me, they are in first 3 when time of fortnight of go to school, the result still is taken an examination of very well, believe tall 3 oneself learn a few weeks of time to also can have been taken an examination of certainly. Believe like these oneself thought cannot want stoutly too. Make target of a few study want the real case according to oneself, with a view to is long-term, cultivated now, the work steadily goes learning. Make oneself everyday " come back with fruitful results " , imperceptible you can discover you leave an end already very close.

2, reasonable arrangement time.

Some students think tall 3 need to learn day and night namely, cherish the time of each second, such idea is unscientific. Must assure oneself breathing space above all, had rested only, ability makes he maintains sober condition to learn, want to maintain sober position ability to improve study efficiency better only. Want to take out time to exercise next. Still need gives the rest timeline study plan, make time true reflect the value that gives it.

3, the memorial method that should have had.

A lot of people feel to want to remember even if should rely on mechanical memorizing, all the time the student asks me, say they do not have sunset night ground to endorse everyday, the result cannot remember namely, still have a few feel to learn science department to want to write down those formula OKly only, study English is about to remembered those words going, still have learning liberal art also is to want back euqally. These methods are the study method of efficiency lowest undoubtedly.
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