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The education result of Mr. Yu Shumin
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In the process that gets along with the student at ordinary times, I very attention and student undertake a curve communicate, the inner nature that because cannot let his quite adequately relative to shorter study time,understands a student, so if the language is impertinent possible meeting causes a student to be opposite a kind of disappointment that goes up in teacher heart, inimical perhaps. I think, the teacher that can be in what learn and consider the work, there won't be too big wide gap on intellectual control, but our job is need,change oneself energy into the student's actual strength. So, teaching method is very important. I hold to teach students in accordance of their aptitude consistently, but no matter be which kind of student, I can regard them as above all is the friend of myself. I am communicated with their conversation with the kind that serves myself friend and snout, because, sensible child is to be able to experience arrival from the sincerity at others heart.

Major pupil likes a headings in an account book is first from what like to hold the post of class teacher to begin. The teacher with again high knowledge, if do not have aglimmer character charm and the ability that hold classroom atmosphere, these two hours are very rambunctious. I am a gentle person, but the mood that lets a student know his sometimes also is necessary, after remembering seeing the home work of a student in me once, I said a such word: "I am very malcontent to the in finished state of your homework " , although the word is a bit some mediumer, but my snout is disappointed, although this is me,first time and he is told so, after hitting that nevertheless, he works to be able to be finished seriously every time. I had been told to all students, I do not ask you want to be able to become all subjects right, what I hope is each path problem can let you be treated with serious manner, because of the teacher that learn and thinks of not be to stay to work and take work, each problem is to be able to cover the use that has said on classroom, the purpose is to let the student learns and be sent with. The word says again, let a student like you, this needs only a bit, it is affinity, smile is the one part of affinity only. Your affinity can produce effect on classroom, that is the most important. Tell analyse of a group of argue to a student once, had emphasized a lot of times remembering, I tell with him with very quiet tone: I give you the last chance only, if cannot remember again, you can accept my penalty only. Inopportune is, he wrong, then I let him bent over to do 5 push-up on the ground, after he finishs happy straight happy, say to still want to do later, and I am glad is the use that analyse of that group of argue learned after him. My student with me can have a lot of interesting flake to break on the class, I can open the fun of a few kindness with them, also can be in proper when the example that inserts oneself or story come encourage student. Character charm cannot flaunt directly, need is permeated in the communication of classroom slowly come out.
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