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To knowledge of electricity of physics of junior high school " 1 pair 1 " educat
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The content photograph of course of physics of junior high school compares other subject and character, the thinking capability of requirement student is a few stronger, because this a lot of classmates feel physics is more difficult,learn. Actually, with respect to physics of junior high school character difficulty is not great, a lot of classmates feel difficult to learn, it is the method that did not master study physics and skill more, the base that still has other subject knowledge additionally is small with the psychological element that be fear of; If we mastered scientific study method, with respect to the burden that can reduce study, improve study quality.

In the communication with a lot of students, I discovered a such problems: At the outset 2 term begins, when classmates just study physics, interest is larger, and general report learns in initial stage very pretty good, not fathomless also. But after the acoustics, optics that comparing interesting flavour sex learns, begin from the electricity of the 2nd semester, a lot of classmates feel study is demanding rise, what learn knowledge to be accepted hard, exercises also won't be done.

The reason that creates this field is very much, because the difficulty of knowledge of middle school electricity wants really,be on one hand what before comparing, learn is acoustics want with optics big; On the other hand, the content in knowledge of the electricity in teaching material is relatively simple, and the in teaching complementary material exercise in school work that we use and in the difficulty that takes an examination of the degree of the requirement to want outclass teaching material, again listen to a talk of schooltime of together with student may be not quite serious, so learn a mood very easily with respect to generation be disgusted with, cause finally drop out phenomenon.

And this is us " 1 pair 1 " the issue that the teacher place of education needs to solve. Want to have the patient fill a vacancy that check leakage to the student's ABC above all, while the fill a vacancy that check leakage makes up for ABC, undertake be extended appropriately and be deepeninged to the professor's knowledge instantly even. E.g. , a lot of students are right the use generation of the volmeter in electricity is bemused, there is volmeter obviously on teaching material can shunt-wound, but it is among a lot of exercises, we saw the circuit that volmeter appears and other component series connection rises, how is this to return a responsibility? At that time, undertake solution to the student's doubt with respect to need, to him the analysis is in this kind of circuit, volmeter is the implementation that how passes relatively complex circuit shunt-wound.

The formula in knowledge of electricity of junior high school and the content that the requirement remembers are not little also, but these knowledge are applied agile, mechanical memorizing is no good. Wanting mechanical memorizing is not to be not written down absolutely, do not want a back, memory has on the base that stresses reasonable solution more however. According to Ai Binhao this the pattern that recalls a curve, I had the demand that be as follows to the student: Requirement student every time the class wants to my repeat last the content that the class has learned, last the work that class place takes, choose problem and topic of fill a vacancy especially, explain to me. Every weekly, class should is opposite last week or before two times the knowledge of the class undertakes retrospective. The knowledge that such acquiring basically is plunged into in cerebrum played a root, it is very difficult to want to forget. Should notice to seek the rule when memory, look for a characteristic, should accurate remember all sorts of definitions, mensurable character conveys the unit with all sorts of physical quantity, this is helpful for helping a student form physical character, the expressive ability of the language, increase physical study capacity thereby.
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