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Talk how to bring study motive of the student into play
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In the consciousness of people, think intelligence is the main factor that affects student learning, it produces change as the development of the age. Intellective individual differences decided the preparative position of student learning greatly, can affect the speed of student learning and study quality. But take main place besides intellective element, we are same cannot the consequence that oversight is not intellective element, for instance: Educational method of parents, educational method of the teacher is waited a moment. Compare all sorts of blame intelligence elements integratedly, I think motive is in core position, on the basis that has formed in intellective element, put time to be on blame intelligence element more, again criterion, all activities of the person are caused by proper motive place. Motive is the impulsion of all activities, it is its fountainhead. Between study, if the can proper understanding, education, study motive that arouses a student, make its are below coequal and intellective condition, develop its adequately potential faculty, can learning achievement and study ability to have a very great leap certainly.

The education of alleged study motive is to point to a student to turn into the need of society, school and family the oneself internal process that studies need, learn motive it is a very distinctive process, be one from do not have some processes, it is from blank arrives one above lay off is wonderful the process of canto. And the excitation that learns motive is to show the need that the student forms him is brought into play rise, in order to improve the process of study enthusiasm. It is one goes the thing in existence student heart, we serve as a teacher to just bring it into play, make its produce significant effect, this is a Cong Jing to the process that use, see from now on, give good study motive with respect to need education above all, on this foundation, arouse stronger study motive, of course understanding, education, arousing 3 respects is impossible to part completely, their itself is mutual correlation, inseparable. Below talk from a few following respects education and a few methods that arouse study motive, consult in order to offer everybody. (document consults)

(one) what arouse and keep a student is curious be about to mix curiosity

In motive the most important and most what is the part of the key, without doubt, seek knowledge namely be about to mix curiosity, they are education and the cornerstone that arouse student learning motive, want to be able to seek knowledge its only be about to foster with curiosity and arouse, so learn and they can discover a problem automatically. I think activate problem circumstances is a very effective method, activate problem circumstances is to point to offer study data and study condition, practice, let learn can from inside these circumstances derivative curiosity is nodded, the doubt that poses them, open-eyed, can arise most so curious be about to mix study interest, generate the will of study.
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