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Talk how to bring study motive of the student into play
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(2) the goal that the setting fits is directional, make the student gains successful experience, encourage ego aggrandizement of the student

For the psychology from the student, they are to hope to be able to learn very quickly, and can achieve a requirement very quickly, but often can encounter a lot of difficulty however in practice, the kind that faces difficulty also each are different, connecting general reason condition to fall, we are its cent two sort: The student with the student with study directional target and achievement directional target. Learning the student with directional target is regarding study as is to master knowledge, win the way of some kind of ability; And the student with achievement directional target is regarding study as is to obtain the positive assessment of pair of its ability or the opinion that avoid to deny. Of course from the student that goes up to be able to see study target is directional more effort solves difficult thought to prepare, they can be brave in to challenge commonly, die and go up, have do not take difficulty next trends that do not stop, we foster a student to want to train such student namely, such student just has study capacity more, ability can master a study method that suits his more, have stronger settlement the ability of the problem, ability more get used to the study henceforth, life and job. And achievement target is directional model the student is to show the target of study basically is regarded as to obtain the positive assessment of pair of its ability or the opinion that avoid to deny. Deflection of this kind of student chooses the problem that solves more easily at liking, evasive the situation that has challenge sex, the perseverance when this kind of student learning is some poorer, encounter difficulty to be broken easily write to a heart. In education process, we often should be applied praise and encourage will serve these students, and the teaching method to them also is should vicissitudinous, should be be good at teaching, one pace lets him move toward a success, multi-purpose inspire show, the self-confident heart that builds them first gift is nice. Be in for instance when explaining passive voice, be in about completing the study of the passive voice when in the center, the student often cannot be used well and truly. Actually cent pace walks along it, full-time cannot reply in the student, we should one pace ground guides them. For instance Mary Has Finished The Homework. Should let a student seek the seat of subject, predicate, object above all, the 2nd pace is the position of exchange subject and object namely, the 3rd pace just is next moving predicate, revise: Change Has Finished into Have Been Finshed, been represents passivity, along with the plural form of subject change comes out Have. In whole process, the 3rd pace is the a few most complex, but if press what this 3 paces go,change, each situation is not difficult, it is a few more difficult to if add in,just change to be met. In guide a student to finish by foreword do, we should let a student understand difficulty is a very old idea, if decompose it one by one,come, each checkmate, should get easily much, not terrible also, you should master the method that solves a problem to also cannot be afraid of only. Establishing this kind to encounter difficulty is very normal idea hind, the student can learn how to face difficulty, no matter be in education or other respect, I think to let him student think up settling way is best, even if the teacher moves to solve a problem, also should be introductory way, learn vivid brains to give priority to, the teacher is in complementary the position, such ability are helpful for student learning handling painful method, institutional method ability makes the student is benefited quite, originally we develop the independent ability that learns to be born even if should train a student, of course we also cannot urgent result endeavors, think this kind of habit can have been fostered in short time, have positive result immediately, this needs the patience of long-term training and teacher, be sure to make the student is benefited personally eventually. Because the teacher is impossible to follow beside of every student all the time everyday, and the student is final be to should walk out of a school gate to move toward a society, institutional method, he can apply these methods to solve the problem on study not only, also will use other field, solve the problem of the respect such as the life and job namely, this is to have what have far-reaching sense very much.
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