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[Heibei] method of study of quality of psychology of Number One Scholar of unity
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Han of liberal art Number One Scholar is joyous

■ archives of Number One Scholar: Han Huan, female, 18 one full year of life, 269 learn in reading Yu Heng water, this year the university entrance exam with always dividing 645 minutes (do not contain favourable component) achievement picks the laurel that took me to save liberal art Number One Scholar, among them, chinese 126 cent, maths 144 cent, English put together of 141 cent, article 234 minutes.

■ carry off unexpected of Number One Scholar

"Becoming a teacher to tell me is complete province when liberal art Number One Scholar, I still think mishear, after affirming again, family with joy disastrous. " on June 23 afternoon 6 when make, the reporter saw Han Huan on the playground that learns in Hengshui, each child the little girl of simple but elegant of not tall, guileless. Becoming classmaster teacher to tell her is complete province when liberal art Number One Scholar, han Huan says this is true is beyond her expect, although actual result is mixed,him appraise split phase is differred very few, but pick take laurel of liberal art Number One Scholar to want to did not have the courage to think however.

"The daughter took an examination of a Number One Scholar of complete province liberal art, we very glad... " Han Zhenlu says Han Huan's father, han Huan as a child very clever, no matter junior high school still is high school, her study is very relaxed, but achievement be among the best of candidates, can gain tall cent in the university entrance exam to her so and do not have an accident, but daydream in also thinking of a Number One Scholar.

■ attention detail, reducing error is successful recipe

Regard the liberal art this year as Number One Scholar, han Huan says, the study experience that she has a few successes tells to learn younger brother, learn younger sister people, high school study of 3 years is the mainest is to should collapse next hearts come, the ABC have a thorough grasp of book, when some classmates read textbook, just general ground looks, knowledge of a few detail often is ignored, this cannot be taken. The title in the exam slants again hard again without giving thought to, won't exceed the content of textbook outline, if can grind seriously,the detail in reading textbook is written down prison, again draw inferences about other cases from one instance has a practice, often can achieve the result of get twice the result with half the effort.

Reducing error is crucial. Difficulty of examination questions of the university entrance exam is very average, the university entrance exam is the competition between the best of its kind likewise, everybody actual strength is about the same, also won't appear such-and-such to some more the circumstance of conveniently, reduced error to become the key that gains tall cent so. Be in at ordinary times in study, want the habit that nurturance much practice changes frequently, become the place of easy err or easy oversight when practicing at ordinary times more revise, for instance the maths of easy err is inscribed, want to try to be solved with different method, in all methods, find the train of thought solving a problem that suits oneself most and method, such ability save time, raise the university entrance exam to make the career of the problem.
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