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Number One Scholar of Zhejiang the university entrance exam supports action stud
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Shen Tuli be in harmony and netizens are online communication. Reporter Dong Xu bright photograph

Last night (on June 23, similarly hereinafter) at 6 o'clock half, in Hangzhou of usury of teacher of high middle school accompany below, shen Tuli be in harmony comes to Number One Scholar of liberal art of Zhejiang province the university entrance exam to our newspaper editorial office, "Father mother is attending a meeting the parent, high teacher volunteer one's services delivers me, still promise to send me to come home, my pay is not low. My pay is not low..

Began at 7 o'clock in the late evening on the net face-to-face, be in harmony takes Shen Tuli to the front of computer to login, discovery leaves a message already not little. Cannot think of really, shen Tuli be in harmony types appear a little slow, see the reporter is staring at her, she feels embarrassed quite, "Laugh at, I want this summer vacation to fill well the speed that computer types, should shift to an earlier date today take lessons after school. Should shift to an earlier date today take lessons after school..

Save Number One Scholar of science department of the university entrance exam, xu Yinghua of eye of a list of names posted up of science department of the university entrance exam of the Chen Kun that Ning Bo learns in town sea and his classfellow, province is in the home edition of network of our newspaper of be a guest. Last noon, they had gone up the go for a walk on our network edition circuit. Xu Yinghua says, she waited for a day in the home yesterday, dull dead, dare not disturb other classmate again, "I next static hearts will want, go to Hong Kong reading after all, still go is Beijing University good? Still go is Beijing University good??

Network communication is short hour, but much question still lets these 3 the university entrance exam got the person that run to work one time indeed. After the event sums up Chen Kun: "Be in the majority about the problem of study, the method of Number One Scholar does not suit each student certainly, the ability that suits oneself is best study method. The ability that suits oneself is best study method..

We arranged a few Number One Scholar people the communication content with the netizen, consult for everybody. The reader wants to understand more detailed content, can log onto edition of our newspaper network (Qb.zjol.com.cn) .

- interlocution memoir

Sleep is enough very important

Ask: Tall be able to stand of 3 physical strength? When I often attend class, make want tiredly to sleep, ask for advice experience, how to allocate study energy?

Xu Yinghua: How to go without good physical strength? ! Just went up tall 3 not at a draught abrupt insecurity rises, find the habit of work and rest that fits oneself, ensure enough rest, ability has better mental go into action!
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