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~ of result of high teacher education
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The middle ten days of a month received in April first the student of 3, the following abbreviation is A student, from the case that gets over there advisory division, this child's biggest question is right chemistry does not have interest, bring about thereby attend class in the school not attend a lecture, final exam appeared a lot of problems.

When seeing this student for the first time, the first impression that this student gives a person is an obedient child. But own capability is very strong, have oneself opinion very much. Confront such student, I think to improve result is not the mainest, should develop study interest of the student first, be in so first time class hour, I was not eager to giving lessons, undertook communicating with the student however, discover through communicating me this student has his idea very much really, and the mood that right study and did not collide. According to the child's characteristic, the first class became the key that chemical interest learns since education. When give lessons, I apply the example in the life to come ceaselessly tuitional and chemical knowledge, make the student understands chemistry the main effect in the life. It is for example when tuitional acid, alkaline, salt, we know, the soda acid salt that serves as chemical cannot enter the mouth. But soda acid salt made important flavor enhancement in the life however, this is worth us to think, the student falls in my guiding, thought up the chemical problem that exists in a lot of lives, begin to be interested in chemical knowledge thereby, finally, the child tells me, he thinks chemistry is beside us nowhere is absent. After the successful interest that developed a student, the student's achievement also had steadily rise.

My education characteristic basically is given priority to tastily with humour, this student also the education characteristic that just suits me, and, I am not tuitional on education give priority to, guide a student to ponder over a problem however. Make so the student is inside the study time of two hours, cerebrum runs adequately, serious ground is learning, make student total heart is thrown in the process of study.

Here, I want to say to all students, a lot of students think study is an as dry as a chip process, but, if you learn to learn, study will be an absorbing process, all knowledge that we learn, in the life that OK to the side of us applying, when you learn a new knowledge, you should not learn intellectual content merely, more important is the knowledge that learns you in contacting actual application immediately. Also can make so student as soon as possible the knowledge that masters place to learn. This namely the work that we say learns to be used alive. Here, I also hope all students can learn to learn, also wish you obtain exceedingly good result on study.

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