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Standard of LCCDS study behavior diagnoses an analysis to settle strategy
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The 5 measure of prepare lessons before class:

The first pace: Dredge- - read through teaching material, the edge is read, Bian Sai, find out key, difficulty, doubtful point, do note or annotate on appropriately.

The 2nd pace: Cento, excerption the key of teaching material and point on jotter of prepare lessons before class, relevant place delimits on fire book red line

The 3rd pace: Doubt, seek solution---Undertake an analysis to knowing a problem, old knowledge is forgotten or existence knowledge blemish should remedy in time to try hard to still do not know a problem to be written down to the course, hit in book edge? Also can record go up in jotter of prepare lessons before class, wait attending class is to listen to a teacher to explain.

The 4th pace: After-thought---Read teaching material to close book, think around task of prepare lessons before class.

Reviewing of prepare lessons before class thinks

Teaching material interpreted what content,

What is main train of thought

Those are the new knowledge, old knowledge that concern with new knowledge what be

What still pay no attention to solution

The 5th pace: Examine -- if time allows, try the exercise after becoming a subject to inscribe examination effect.

Attend a lecture: Eye, ear, head is used.

Eye, the thing that notices to see teacher and teacher be written on blackboard

Ear, the fundamental notion that discovers the teacher puts forward, those who listen to a classmate query is difficult easy.

Head, remember a theme well, undertake reflection with appropriate rate, notice education judges ability.

1.Lead thinks, compare attend a lecture. With train of thought, go in front of teacher train of thought.

2.Listen to the teacher's utterance, go thick: The material of nonessential surface - eliminate 2 class information

Take essence of life: The gist of Baconian teacher content, understand lecture point, new knowledge and old knowledge be in harmony are an organic whole.

3.Fathom the intention that the teacher explains.

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