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Litres small first later enter boarding school, how to adjust leave home the moo
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The affection as to longing, the parent can be conveyed appropriately, but cannot excessive, should be encouraged to the child more and dredge

Litres small first, the parent expended not small force to send a lodging junior high school the child, but enter a school just 3 days, close child the situation of mutual longing is increasingly urgent. Hear a telephone call the cry of that child, ground of dancing of maternal tearful eyes calls our newspaper: This child turns to day school, does family person otherwise want to hire a room to accompany around the school read?

Came recently, many parent reflects similar problem, because child first time lives,read, parents and child all feel unwell, especially the child faces new environment, those who do not have parents take care of, without TV, computer, what thing should rely on him to finish, extremely feeling is unwell. And the parent especially mom, because longing is mixed,not be at ease, begin suspicion to let the child live read correct.

Why to send boarding school the child at the outset? Plum mom says, "Litres small first " when choose school, family is mixed in a heat junior high school the choice in lodging junior high school, leave heat junior high school further considering the home, if go to school in that, family person should hire a room to accompany read, the child of junior high school also can paddle his own canoe, send the child to lodge with respect to the decision so.

The reason of another parent is, parental job is too busy, do not have time to take care of the child, what lodge its transfer to elementary school reads 4 year. Cannot think of, child response is so big, ability had contradiction with dormitory classmate between two climate, should turn stoutly a former officer, letting the guardian is to headache very. "Actually, every lodging student, parent should spend this paragraph incommensurate period, the method can be spent smoothly correctly, not necessary and premature make conclusions or transfer. " Li Wenhua of vice-president of ability lodging elementary school says Yo, because a few student is incommensurate lodging life, produce extreme reaction: Be disgusted with learns, do not communicate with the person, kip even. To this kind of student, the parent is necessary to consider transfer. In addition, before choosing boarding school, the parent wants to be communicated more with the child, tell them to live the difficulty that reads a likelihood to encounter and problem, teach the method that solves a problem to the child. The affection as to longing, the parent can be conveyed appropriately, but cannot excessive, should be encouraged to the child more and dredge.

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