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Got on for on September 1, term begins the first day is to a lot of classmates not quite not little test. Think of successful ground from the home classroom, also want to prepare a little.

Go to school the first day, cross exercise to close first

Speak of operation, the Liutong of 2 elementary school learns abb one face feels embarrassed. The word that uses him says: "On two week see an Olympic Games, too mad! " " do not have a few days, exercise cannot be finished oneself also carry do not start. " because go to school the first day the first task hands in summer vacation to work namely.

As the parent, it is very important to can helping the child add the mainest one box oil these days. A few parents say: "Not only should urge the child to write line of business, help them check even. Exercise is done bad, when the first sky learns, the child is not willing to enter a school gate. The child is not willing to enter a school gate..

3 meal have on time, take exercise little not

Director Wang of accessary hospital internal medicine introduces courtyard of province medical courses in general, xia Qiuzhi makes the much hair season that is diarrhoea originally, after term begins, life rhythm arrives by the pine close, occurrence body is unwell avoid hard with the pressure of mentally.

This moment should be in charge of Pull in your ears! especially. Snacks wants abstemious, it is normal that 3 eats want, the flesh, egg, carbohydrate (rice knead dough kind) should mix build; Weather turns cool, want to have cold drink less, the food in freezer should heat. Especially fruit, have a taste of what is just in season must abstinent. Clean with the scour that contains plant part, immerse with clear water next.

This seasonal summer heat not disappear, can be when weather of morning and evening is cool, go out to take a walk, canter, prepare physical strength for long study.

Psychology has been adjusted, work and rest wants the rule

"I will be unaccustomed. At ordinary times I watch TV in the home, employ computer. Termed begins be about job of study, writing. " " do not want to go to school a bit. " the Wang Yueyang's fellow student that selecting stationery in the supermarket should attend a college this year, speak of to go to school, still show the be reluctant to part with to the home.

According to saving mental sanitation Director Qiu of central psychology division introduces, the summer vacation of nearly two months and two Olympic Games of the week, the student had formed inattentive holiday life rule.

Want to let classmates get used to tight study life, need a course. And 7 coming 21 days is cycle of nurturance of a habit. This kind of psychology is unwell also be temporary, need not excessive care about. If really serious, still want to be solved by advisory expert.

Nevertheless, for lesser to age student, a week before term begins is an important adjustment period. Do good psychology to allude, emphasize term begins with study, want to cease by the intercrop when going to school. From preparation of the proceed with before term begins, can help classmates be in term begins the first day of bouncy ground reachs the school, have good germinant.
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