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Can you help opening shortly parent is the child successful " transition " ?
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Opening shortly, if you are an elementary school parent of one grade newborn, besides with the child an excitement is mixed expect, whether do you return some perturbed? Probably you are worrying, the child can have provided his writing material, listen not to hear the teacher's word, can you follow to attend class Cheng rhythm?

"New student parent must is opposite the child is some more patient. " having 20 one's remaining years to teach the Lu bay area of experience proposal of teacher of language of Zhou Hao of classmaster of elementary school of the first center, new student parent should use bit more encouragement and company, help child visits good attend school the first pace.

School of many bits of home cooperates

Entered elementary school, children can feel the teacher just is taking everybody to make game no longer, tall also to oneself requirement, from daily and formal to study circumstance, teachers are met pin of All matters tube head. Parent of a few new students listens to the child to react the teacher is in charge of " too severe " , feel year young baby sufferred grievance, constant regular meeting is helping their rebuke teacher, also some of parent likes the area before the child, it is good to comment other school or other classes or grades in school to have many.

Mr. Zhou warns these parents, say in your inadvertently blurt out probably in, attend school enthusiasm of the child had gotten affect. Well-advised parent should be obtained in time when the child generates negative sentiment with the school communicate, find the crux of the problem, guide the child only trustful teacher, have deep love for the school, ability is incentive they are active attend school.

Summer vacation returns remnant finally two weeks, to help the child from nursery school child to pupil successful " transition " , the parent mights as well use this paragraph of time, from what arrange each life link such as arrangement of stationery, work and rest to rear the child " regular consciousness " . For instance, the parent can attend class in the imitate in the home scene, let the child know the speech wants raise one's hand, sit should sitting position, task wants to finish on time, the behavior convention with good nurturance. A well-trained child, regular meeting gets teacher and associate people welcome.

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