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The Olympic Games ends new term to begin a student to should be changed as soon
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This year of summer vacation time hind it may be said of a month " Olympic Games month " , the Beijing Olympic Games that wonderful confused shows, before the middle and primary school in letting holiday is born in TV screen, pass sufficient addiction. "I sleep to much at 10 o'clock in the morning ability to get up everyday, besides have a meal, it is almost match hookup is watched before the television, see a late night every day. The Olympic Games ended, new term will begin again, I do not know how to should do really. " today autumn be about to promote preliminary class " sports is confused " Xiaotian, spellbound in give out afore-mentioned plainting.

Undergraduate Olympic Games confuses: Undergraduate of Olympic Games end leaves bubble surface answers dinning hall

Beijing Olympic Games fell formally heavy curtain. Many undergraduates are super Olympic Games is confused, olympic Games match of 16 days also brings trifling change to the undergraduate's life, besides return the dinning hall that counts day respectively to leave afresh " bubble surface " outside the life, undergraduate more it is the change on spirit, the spirit that the athlete goes all out in work tenaciously lets their feeling be the same as experience, also aroused them to be mixed to prospective obtain employment take an examination of grinding confidence!

After the Olympic Games rings down the curtain, middle and primary school is unripe will lie fallow from what watch an Olympic Games condition, change lives to normal study. Spend a week again especially, they will receive the study of new term, turn to what this kind of special situation falls " channel " , expert of a few education reminds the parent and student, want to adjust state of mind, as soon as possible from " excitement period " turn " smooth period " .

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