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Consumptive market greets campus upheaval parent and student to still want ratio
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The student is about to weigh garden of return to school after the vacation, consumptive market won't let off business chance of beautiful of this a special skill naturally also, multifarious sales promotion makes opening economy is being performed prosperously.

Buy writing material: Olympic Games element is become sell a site newly

The reporter sees in a large supermarket, to build the grumous atmosphere of opening business chance, the supermarket will enter the mouth designedly existing writings of the most conspicuous big area setting has a special administrative area, of all kinds packs have everything that one expects to find of clip of elegant stationery, satchel, writing case, archives, jotter. Reporter discovery, use the motile pen that feels dye-in-the-wood, the top of head the motile satchel of vogue of the motile ball-pen of a small football, exterior because of the Olympic Games hold and became popular commodities. The controller here tells a reporter, these goods that contain Olympic Games element are very popular, a few days of children that stationery of choose and buy comes to before coming are attracted by these novel stationery place mostly. "Son of 7 years old to the Olympic Games each match is interested very much, these Olympic Games stationery also have commemorative sense very much it seems that. " citizen week lady says to the reporter, although she has given the child try to win sb's favor term begins all sorts of used writing material, but when seeing so lovely Olympic Games writing material, one'sed mind disturbed again. But at the same time the parent also has concern, stationery of multifarious Olympic Games modelling can make the child abstracted on classroom.

Buy teach complementary book: Child adult does not have chart

The reporter waits for books bazaar to see in city of books edifice, Hai Guangsi book religion complementary kind books is the parent and children the target of main choose and buy. At present of middle and primary school teach complementary kind books supply of goods is enough, the businessman has been done apparently answer the upsurge buying a book before term begins.

The parent of child of a 2 grade bought more than 10 exercises to inscribe collect, content covered language, number, outside each division, another parent was to spent more than 200 yuan to buy more than 20 books more, outside the book on the book list that leaves besides the teacher, more it is extracurricular reader. Most parent expresses to buy which kinds to coach actually him book also does not have chart in the heart. As we have learned, parents did not make clear the standard of books of choose and buy, only little part parent sees content and teaching material whether be accorded with, or the brand with direct familiar choice, but more parents are those who see books put the position and reference all round the person's choice. According to businessman introduction, more or less teaching complementary book more moment is put according to stock measure, selecting ability because of what this consumer allows internally is the most important.
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