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LPDS attention is diagnosed settle strategy
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On study abstracted, attention slack, basically have mix objectively subjective the reason of two respects. Among them objective reason includes: Drab or it is difficult on the interference of the exciter that has nothing to do with study, study to be met, study a method environment of undeserved, learning is bad to wait; Subjective reason includes: Attention of the interest on devoid study and confidence, oneself poor, body or mood the bad, content that does not understand study, accuse ability difference to wait oneself. We are OK from the following two respects begin to try to improve:

1. makes clear purpose of attend a lecture. A of intended attention main feature is purpose sex, the classmate understands more clearly to the goal assignment that attend class, so all objects that concern with the task that finish (knowledge) can be caused more and hold intended attention. Meanwhile, if classmates look to attending class the principal port of the task understands deeplier, so, the desire of the task that finish is stronger also, attention also can jump over concentration.

2. reduces demand of attend a lecture appropriately. A lot of classmates are centered hard in the attention when attend a lecture, because they were full of frustration sense and unsuccessful feeling in classroom,a very main reason is, they do not have the successful joyance in tasting savor to learn in classroom, command oneself attention very hard naturally when attend class.

3. exercises firm volition. Difficulty is encountered in studying an activity and cannot solve inside short time when, a lot of students often can be loosened to learning abandon even, go overcoming difficulty without firm psychokinesis, divert attention very easily to other issue, appear abstracted phenomenon. Accordingly, want to noticing to exercise psychokinesis at ordinary times, it is stage by stage namely in the environment that has interference or insist to finish study job inside limited time.

4. supports positive attitude to learns course. This is the mainest factor that attention height centers. If you do the thing of own disinclination, mentally can produce incommensurate feeling, study also is such, so, although you are right some course disinclination, also must face reality, support positive attitude, because actually you are cannot evasive.

5. uses outside power. Notice to oneself can give proper stimulation when be not being centered in oneself, if use pinprick, the muscle that use a skin is played, let a classmate flap etc, anyhow, want to let oneself be punished accordingly, because everybody has certain self defense mechanism, after period of time, can form a kind of reflex, want attention to be not centered only, cerebrum can remind him to should focus attention immediately, can suffer penalty otherwise. Should use namely external the concentration that stimulation goes to holding attention.

6. creates favorable learning environment. The environment that studies namely wants quiet, neat, housing is far from the place that Bacchic, air pollutes as far as possible, of the environment decorate should austere, do not have overmuch paste and adornment, there should be fresh air and enough sun in studying an environment, in order to reduce the interference stimulation that undesirable element brings in learning environment.
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