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Ego of LMD study method diagnoses an analysis to settle strategy
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Study a method because of the person different, with the circumstance that occupies you, you should follow the following principles: Essence of successive, perusal is thought of, beg contented, rich to make an appointment with union, knowing and doing to unite oneself.

1."Successive " -- it is people the intelligent condition of the intellectual system according to course and oneself, system and measure ground undertakes study. The principle of successive reflects for: Want to lay good foundation; 2 want by it is difficult to arrive easily; 3 want do according to one's abilities.

2."Perusal essence thinks of " -- the adj concern that the basis is remembered and should understand namely, combine memory and understanding cheek by jowl rise, both cannot do one thing and neglect another. We know memory and understanding is close tie, supplement each other. On one hand, undertake understanding on memorial foundation only, understanding ability is lucid; On the other hand, have reasonable solution only participate in next memorial undertaking, memory just is met firm; "Perusal " , should accomplish " 3 to " : The heart arrives, the eye arrives, the mouth arrives. "Essence of life thinks of " , should be good at putting forward problem and solve a problem, with " ego closely question hard way " is mixed " is numerous say to closely question hard way " goes raise doubts and difficult questions for discussion.

3."Beg contented " oneself -- the initiative that should produce study adequately namely and enthusiasm, dig the study latent capacity with immanent ego as far as possible, foster and increase self-study capacity. The principle that begs contented oneself asks not to read to read, ought to try learns knowledge to digest absorb, become oneself thing.

4."Rich combines " about -- the adj relationship that wants to grind according to wide wrestle and essence namely, encyclopedical grind with essence of life union rises. Rich and agreement relation are: Go making an appointment with on the foundation of rich, the guidance that making an appointment with goes down rich, rich is united in wedlock about, promote each other. Hold to rich to make an appointment with union, it is to want to be read extensively, 2 it is con.

5."Knowing and doing unites " -- want the adj relationship according to understanding and practice namely, rise study and practice union, avoid by all means learns and need not. Same, with travel test and verify knowing ability is penetrating judgment, break away from of travel knowing is to know for nothing. Accordingly, knowing and doing is unified should pay attention to practice: It is to should be good at reviewing in practice middle school, edge practice, edge study, edge is accumulated; 2 be bend forward travel practice, the knowledge that must come to study namely, use in real work, solve real problem.

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