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EEDS exam evaluates an analysis to settle strategy
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Draw near when the exam, always one part student enters examination room with respect to spirit nervous, excited, this is by what form inert and excited kitchen to cause in pallium. Achieve particular strength when excited kitchen, cause plant nerve maladjusted, final occurrence frequent micturition, have a headache, the phenomenon such as muscle convulsion, serious effect candidate for an entrance examination is regular horizontal play, bring about many examinee " lose out " . Accordingly, examinee people should take precautionary exam angst seriously. How to prevent?

Want to establish confidence. Above phenomenon is a kind of expression that stage fright reacts, it is spirit het-up excited be caused by. Examinee should have self-confident heart to oneself, loosen on spirit. Only such, ability exceeds a level to develop, obtain ideal result.

2 should strike a proper balance between work and rest. Excessive exhaustion should avoid before examinee is taken an examination of, not " burn the midnight oil " , want to enter sports activity appropriately, let brains retain vigor in motion. Parents do not give examinee overweight pressure on the thought, let examinee have the adjustment of mentally and balance, eliminate trouble and intense sentiment. Examinee should maintain Morpheus enough, learn ego control, maintain relaxed state of mind.

3 want dietary adjustment. Besides a fluid of empty make water answers before taking an examination of, face one's deceased father do not drink the stimulant beverage such as strong tea, coffee before today; Want control to water quantity, reduce the likelihood of the micturition in take an examination; Do not eat too salty cooked food, lest cause a mouth,work and must water too much.

4 should take medical prophylaxis and treatment. Because some examinee are long-term be in nervous condition, often have insomnia, dream much, neurasthenic wait for a symptom, some examinee are in at ordinary times there is disease of frequent micturition of sex of take an examination in the exam. These examinee should be in of the parent guide go down the hospital sees a doctor, before appropriate is being taken an examination of a few weeks of to be taken orally some adjust neurological medicaments.

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