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Analysis of careless and special diagnostic individuation solves PSDS politic
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There is relatively serious carelessness in learning a process is common phenomenon cursorily. So, be this kind of appearance that what reason creates after all, basically have the following:

(one) student oneself manner, habit and condition of health of body and mind are student generation the main internal cause of careless and careless phenomenon.

1, without true study attitude

OK and affirmative, doing not have true study attitude is to cause a carelessness of my class student is careless main reason.

2, undesirable life study habit

Carelessness is a kind of undesirable habit, enthusiasm of some student shortage study, intention not only, study plan sex is poor, often live when peace slack, desultorily, closely related the undesirable habit of drift along.

3, the lack that learns responsibility heart

Have some of careless student, they lack responsibility heart to learning, attention is dispersive.

4, basic knowledge and skill inexperience

Some students work or accident often can appear in the exam, apparently looking is carelessness place comes, just lack the training of due ABC and basic technical ability actually, so that studying occurrence accident of the assembly room in the process, the influence studies result.

(2) the influence that the family teachs is the main external cause that makes learn production to give birth to careless and careless phenomenon.

Parents is positional teacher of the child, the child is accompanied all one's life between the far-reaching effect that domestic education produces to the student; The heavy visual range that the parent learns to the child spends child of will immediate impact the heavy visual range that right study is spent. From the point of findings, bad behavior habit of the student also mirrors a parent error of the existence in the education to the child and malpractice.

(3) the influence of school teacher is the main external cause that makes the student produces careless and careless phenomenon.

Psychology considers to make clear: The more abiding bend of the understanding that the teacher works to education, affection and behavior characteristic respect

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