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Optimize the quality of early education services to improve population
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To further improve the quality of the population continue to expand the scope of Weiyang, innovative services, and actively explore infants 0-3 years old child early education and training and education model, in the province to carry out "Early Education and Child Population Training Demonstration Zone "create an event. Work of innovative ideas, highlighting the five insist. First, people-oriented, the implementation of on-demand services. Weiyang the satisfaction of the masses as the standard, the population of early education and child develop the combination of work and their jobs, to provide people with quality and efficient service. Second, adhere to based on the regional situation, advantages, integration of resources. The existing education, culture, integration of family planning co-ordination of resources to effectively work together to form, the establishment of "Government + market" model, carrying out population of early education and child training. Third is to uphold the cultivation of civilians, and public education policy. Early education and child population, both for the resident population of culture, but also in the majority of migrants, but also radiation to special groups such as children's welfare and does not charge any fees to achieve the promotion of universal, so that 0-3 years of age and younger section of early education 3-6 years old pre-school early childhood education science convergence. Fourth, insist on training, education and training of infants and young children with parents, caregivers and place equal emphasis. Training of infants and young children in the same time, through the organization of "mother class", "grandparents", have "nanny classes", a "home integration" dual education model, to make early education a society and the family's conscious action. Fifth, adhere to the common physical and psychological attention. Concerned about the physical development of infants and young children and health indicators at the same time, women take advantage of area resources for youth mental health centers, mental health counseling to introduce A Renkou early education and child training, and guide them to maintain mental health, develop healthy personality. Rich content of activities to ensure the effectiveness of the work. The variety of activities throughout their work, early education is carried out Weiyang a major highlight of the work. Thick affective parent-child activities for 0-3 year-old children and parents to provide a platform for exchange of emotion; "Population Early Learning Lecture Hall", "floating population on Early Learning Services", "Hand in Hand Early Learning Community Bank population," " grandparents School Early Learning "series of special events, the traditional child-rearing has changed the concept of the masses and improve early education skills;" population early education accompanying the mind "to extend the service to the welfare of children, infants and young children through touch, massage, passive exercise , accompanied by staff training and counseling, etc., make up a special group of infants and young children lack the emotional; "quasi-parent" training through "Sharon infants and pregnant" and "early intervention training" and other activities to achieve a population of early education before problems occur ; hold pre-job training of modern parents to enhance the young couple's perception of life, clearly the responsibility of parents to learn parenting of new ideas, new knowledge; "positive thinking" and "five from the quality", "life force" and other potential development group training activities to help enhance the sense of responsibility for one child, a clear goal in life, grow up healthy and happy. Two years to carry out various activities Weiyang 300 total period of more than 20,000 people in the masses. Child population of early education cum training Weiyang carry out the work to promote the early education philosophy, teaching the early childhood knowledge. Early Learning Services to carry out not only the masses of the child to meet the growing demand for services training, but also for population and family planning services into the new content, enrich the connotation of family planning work, in order to comprehensively address population issues, promote the comprehensive development was positive and useful to explore, and establish a population and family planning a new image for the city to carry out population, family planning system to provide early education experience. National Population and Family Planning Survey is young and many times the leadership of the population is young and early education gave full recognition and a higher rating.
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