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Thinking is fluent, the maths with language humorous resource Mr. Lin
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Mr. Lin Dandan, be graduated from Harbin Normal University. Ever saved Harbin Institute of Technology in Heilongjiang accessary middle school teachs two years, beijing learns now and think of education to undertake man-to-man family education coachs, had brought a lot of students, among them the of 3 student at the beginning of attached middle school of National People's Congress obtained full marks in period end the good achievement of 120, the student result that has brought rises somewhat, obtained first-rate education result, the accord that got student and parent reputably!

Schoolteaching style of Mr. Lin Dandan is lively, atmosphere is dynamic, be good at arousing student enthusiasm, interactive sex is stronger. Schoolteaching consecution is clear, timeline is reasonable, the key is outstanding. To the classmate with bad foundation, be good at encouraging. Have patience to the child, have love. Mathematical teacher and student pays attention to a method, can establish good example to the child. Intellectual content is rich, knowledge explains by shallow into deep, easy to read and understand understand easily. Particularly conscientious, very responsible to every child.

The education of Mr. Lin is gnomic: A minute cultivated a minute of results!

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