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Enthusiastic, optimistic the physics that has affinity Mr. Li
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Li Shan Mr. Shan, be graduated from Hefei industry university. Be engaged in for years man-to-man coach education works, be good at holding the mentality of different type student, produce connection with right kind and student, let a student accept a teacher only, ability makes a student freewill accept the knowledge that this teacher place imparts; Ever was engaged in 3 physics teacher and student works first, attend the university entrance exam to review a work for many times, dot of knowledge of the university entrance exam in be opposite has good assurance.

Schoolteaching manner of Li Shan Mr. Shan is vivid and clarity of serious, consecution, humor, be good at guiding, affinity is strong, classroom atmosphere is harmonious. To the student teach students in accordance of their aptitude of different characteristic, make the study method with student nurturance efficient health.

The education of Mr. Li is gnomic: A=X Y Z A represents a success, x represents hard work, y represents true means, z delegate says empty talk less.

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