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Can bring mathematical Mr. Liu of student enthusiasm into play
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Mr. Liu Dongmei, when be engaged in teaching a trade more than 3 years, have the experience that teachs the top class in a kindergarten, also have rich man-to-man teaching experience, the student that has taught becomes what accomplishment Dou Youming shows to rise, got the school leads the accord with the parent reputably!

Lecture of Mr. Liu Dongmei is full of passion, can arouse the enthusiasm that has student study, as can very good as the student communication communicates, discover insufficient part of the student in time thereby, have specific aim then explain, in order to reach checkmate difficult point, stress a focal point. Direct the target of medium, the university entrance exam.

The education of Mr. Liu is gnomic: The manner is a kind of wonderful thing, it can produce magical power, you face your study with what kind of manner, you have what kind of result! In the journey of study, did not fail to abandon only!

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