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Optimistic and hopeful, chemical Mr. Pang with exquisite idea
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Mr. Pang Xinglian, be graduated from Heibei Normal University. Adopt the practice of education, chemical to junior high school knowledge system and in took an examination of tendercy to have very good assurance, had original opinion to education. Can accomplish contain Yo at teaching, healthy education. Assure agile classroom atmosphere is education effect greatly. Change the dug ability that learns an experiment and creativity to training a student, with the student set out actually, more implements education of imitate circumstances sex, with life connection, specific and intuitionistic. Communicate with student sincerity, ease student pressure.

Mr. Pang Xinglian can find out soft costal region of the student inside short time, make different plan in the light of different student, let a student learn in cheerful atmosphere, accept with creation more show initiative.

The education of Mr. Pang is gnomic: Mix with compass to the student shotgun, let them chase freely!

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