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Hopeful and optimistic, have abstruse number Mr. Liu of love
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Mr. Liu Shuling, be graduated from Inner Mongolia Normal University. Be engaged in for a long time teaching the job, to cup contest, litres small there is a very whole plan first, can accurate assurance studies dot and stress, had headed elementary school the student of each grade, clear to the thinking means of children, can help student standard learn the convention with method and good nurturance!

Of Mr. Liu Shuling's good education language apply, it is one of keys of superior class. In education process, the humorous photograph of the interest sex abstruse number and language is united in wedlock, be aimed at individual character characteristic of the student, often use the education term that accords with student psychology demand and age characteristic, make education language is become affective is interactive between teachers and students carrier, let the child feel abstruse number is interesting.

The education of Mr. Liu is gnomic: Awarded fish is inferior to awarded fishing.

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