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Lecture is full of English cropland teacher of passion
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Mr. Tian Yongjing, be graduated from Heibei Normal University. In high school education of 5 years, above all You Le of my whole knowledge system to high school English's very clear understanding, summed up oneself distinctive teaching method and administrative method. Next, also fumble one manages student and the means that communicate communication with the student and method.

Lecture of Mr. Tian Yongjing is full of passion, go affecting a student with oneself passion, also want to develop the student's interest at the same time, explain knowledge while teach a student to be an upright person social truth, a few study also teach the method while at the same time education gives birth to knowledge with the skill that become a problem.

The education of cropland teacher is gnomic: Come from successfully at our ceaseless pursuit and enterprising.

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