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Teach a student to move lively chemical king teacher
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Mr. Wang Lu, because be the educational system that accepts Beijing as a child, to Beijing area in information of the university entrance exam masters clear. The chemistry of junior high school that once had taken 3 years and 1 year of much high school are chemical. Have oneself teaching method to the student, can learn unripe disposition and study need according to differring, adjust more agree with the chemical classroom of each student.

Mr. Wang Lu can make classroom atmosphere dynamic, can with oneself optimistic disposition, influence student. Drive a student to cooperate a teacher actively, complete a the most interesting chemical course. It is cornerstone in order to increase study interest, improve result thereby. On classroom, can help a student remember difficult point with the directest way, key and check a place.

The education of Mr. Wang is gnomic: Life is like conduit, I will fly when span eventually! Cheer!

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