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Humorous and direct, respect the teacher of abstruse number king of difference
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Mr. Wang Gang, be graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology. Two years of abstruse number coach experience, in the light of litres small first, cup contest has coach distinctly plan. To each student level has grade to hold certainly, clear should begin to coach with what kind of start. Have play a cup of contest experience, attended hope cup to win bronze medal 1997, 1999 full marks of league matches of maths of junior high school, tall 3 before attending countrywide maths league matches to be hit into Heilongjiang 50. Can help the study method of student program maths.

Mr. Wang Gang takes example seriously to explain in education, explain intellectual drop when topic of the speech come out. Only to the student requirement is obedient. Mining inscribes purpose setting, let a student understand mathematical problem from different point of view.

The education of Mr. Wang is gnomic: Actual strength of Ln of luck of Ln successful =

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