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The eye that discovers a talent with a pair goes teaching the child
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Cent is taken an examination of to just came down in, student parent drove Beijing University education to the area hurriedly. They come this will thank English teacher acting teacher, as to the reason, and listen to me to slowly come.

In when Wang Tongxue comes to Zhi Kang, leaving, take an examination of went 2 months only, wang Tongxue's English is controlled in 90 minutes at that time () of 120 minutes of full marks, be apart from oneself target- - attached middle school of National People's Congress still has a few spaces. The student is anxious, the parent is more anxious, all hopes were in centrally on acting teacher body. Two months went very quickly, english took an examination of 117 minutes in the child, add with always dividing outstanding achievement of 552 minutes to take an examination of National People's Congress. It is to have short two months time, acting teacher created a miracle however, this ability had that one act that begin mentions.

Take the place of after all how is the teacher to help the child's so short time leave those who improve result? We are taking doubt to interviewed acting teacher.

Acting teacher, look very young, but this is presentative only, but he has old teaching experience to ever took those who spend the 3 pupils at the beginning of much name " old teacher " . He has 300 degrees myopia, but do not wear glasses. If using acting teacher, say " the figure that wears glasses to be able to affect me! " when the example that asks about Wang Tongxue, say of ground of acting teacher modesty:

"This child can obtain this result, the key still is his own effort, I have the effect that teachs to. His foundation is good still, it is a few places compare weakness, this I last time the class saw, all from the back I am specific aim ground fills to him only fill strong. Result is studied in I also know, 117 minutes, but the actual strength that I feel this child should have full marks now! But the actual strength that I feel this child should have full marks now!!

The net makes up: "Two months rise from many minutes 90, can say to raise rate very fast, what is the secret of success that you help the child rise? What is the secret of success that you help the child rise??

Acting teacher: "This also does not calculate actually fast, I allow in a of the belt now first the student of 3, when just coming just many minutes 40, after two weeks with respect to final, result final took an examination of 69 minutes (100 minutes of full marks) . I feel the key is the interest that should arouse the child and study enthusiasm, tell the truth the teacher's action imparts namely eyeball of knowledge, dot and the issue suit the medicine to the illness that discover the child. The main body of study still is him student, only the student had fun at, know oneself tried hard, study result just is met advance rapidly. Devoid study interest is when a lot of students that I bring just came, also go up later on interest. Also go up later on interest..
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