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Renown division experience talks: How to improve child result?
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In 11 in average class is read the Zhaotong of 2 learns first, maths fails before him, also do not have interest to learning; Teach princess grave through Zhi Kang later campus poplar teacher of 3 months after coaching, a few times the exam got many minutes 80, not only maths progressed, join other course: English, physics, chemistry got rising accordingly. And after a lot of students coach through Mr. Yang, progress is particularly apparent. It is reported, mr. Yang attends class humor, humorous; The way that talks truth " with " taletelling " " makes a student light relaxed pine learns knowledge.

To this, to make more child right study generates interest, zhi Kang teachs a net to made up pair of Mr. Yang teachers to undertake be interviewinged alone.

The net makes up: The progress of a lot of students that you coach is very great, are you how to accomplish what this nods?

Mr. Yang: These students that coach because of me are very clever, just did not find good study method, just do not have interest to learning. Want to find good study method only, I believe they can obtain good result.

The net makes up: Want to have good study method only, can you obtain good result?

Mr. Yang: Having good study method is on one hand, of course the person that this also imparts from what do not open knowledge- - teacher, this need teacher finds the teaching method that suits a student after ceaseless understanding student. Ah. (the laugh that feel embarrassed)

The net makes up: Method of what kind of teaching be used after then you understand?

Mr. Yang: This I want to be able to talk at minute o'clock

One, a lot of students do not have confidence now, must want to be sure the student is very clever above all. Encourage him himself to search study method. The teacher encourages when give again guide correctly, this is a student whether the main factor that generates interest to learning. Established confidence only, plus the teacher guide correctly, ability lets him do not have interest " change to became " to have interest to learning to learning by " . Ability lets him do not have interest " change to became " to have interest to learning to learning by " ..

2, the student that wants him credit, this is the process of successive. Want to make student society summary Baconian. Again the place of student mistake gives guide, make its return right way. Want to encourage a student to discover an error, do not fear to face a mistake. Tell a student the mistake is not terrible, after correct an error and be being striven for, be absent make same mistake. It is very important to the student's drive at that time.

3, some student answering question can follow the prescribed order only, should change next forms a little only he won't. When confronting such student, the teacher can undertake from answering question skill student control applies neatly introductory letting.

4, the means that uses " of " taletelling " or " preach manage lets him knowledge is absorbed when listening to " of truth of " story " " .
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