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"3 " and " 4 " why to demote in idiom
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Choice, forgetful, decline with all kinds of excuses... did you notice? These containing " 3 " and " 4 " idiom is derogatory sense. Why does idiom demote " 3 " and " 4 " ?

Fine turn over phrasal dictionary, discovery is phrasal in not only 3 and 4 have this problem, 3 and other any numbers want one meet and discuss only, basically derogatory sense is in the majority, commendatory and few. Be like " unexpected misfortune " , " half-hearted " , " fish 3 days, two days bask in a net " , is the problem to go out be in " 3 " on?

Let us come textual research " unexpected misfortune " antecedents. "Unexpected misfortune " point to disaster, accident, because its provenance and bier are concerned,be. According to " The Book of Rites " in account, go up in coffin in ancient times need not nail, bind bier bottom and lid with thong however close together. Horizontal direction binds 3, vertical direction binds two. Horizontal directional board is long, vertical directional board is short, just have so " unexpected misfortune " this kind of view. Also have say 3 growing is the bottom that points to bier, side, lid, two short it is the around that points to bier two short material.

How to explain these language phenomena, let us seek testimony from inside common sense.

In Chinese traditional culture, "3 " it is very special number, it often shows digital limit, namely already in the end. " moral classics " in tell: "All one's life 2, 2 unripe 3, 3 unripe everythings on earth. " tell 3 did not say downward, infinity is from the back. " Cao cut debate " in also say: "At a dash, again and decline, 3 and exhaust. " 4? Did not have. Folk also has a kind of view to cry " one and again, again and 3 " , the meaning points to to the person that make a mistake, can excuse, two, but be patient limit the 3rd. We say " repeatedly " emphasize, do not say " again 4 " emphasize. The Chinese likes to use " 3 " say a thing, seemed to mention " 3 " mentioned all figures. The habit of together with Chinese, like geminate and didymous, like to rectify 5 whole 10, and " 3 " be odd, not neat, not not custom, stable, because habit of the people on this tradition is taken " 3 " will point to a few bad things. As time passes, have " 3 " idiom becomes derogatory sense is increasing, commendatory less and less.

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