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Gout classroom: Word of expert in one thing and good at many " salt "
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As the idea update and of standard of living rise, people divides edible to salt in explicit life other a variety of utility also pay close attention to more. Of outbalance is to use sterilization of thick salt water. Fall in the condition that does not have disinfectant especially, using the thick solution of salt to replace disinfectant to wash cut is again good did not pass. When because become,the bacterium contacts thick salt water, thick salt water the bacterium " the body " medium water is taken out come, make bacterial cell shrivelled. Bacterium " the body " a large number of dehydrating, the metabolism inside body can happen disorder or dead stop, such bacteria cannot live, achieve the goal of sterilization. Easy corruption of the fresh fish of summer, fresh pork, the reason is summerly weather Wen Gao, bacterial breed is faster, to prevent corruption, we can spill some of salt on fresh fish, fresh pork, its truth also is the principle that used afore-mentioned sterilization.

Salt besides can outside sterilization, there still are a lot of uses in the life:

1. Printing and dyeing when a few cotton print, put a few salt, the color that can make be caught is firm, fade not easily, and make colour and lustre shining, the dress that if catharsis is easy,fades, also can put bit of salt to prevent the dress to fade.

2. The sweat on white dress or fabric is slash, usable salt and ammonia water deserve to come into solution by certain proportion catharsis, rub a little while, take out sweat is slash, reoccupy water full.

3. Morning and evening uses gargle of weak salt water each, can maintain the sanitation inside oral cavity, eliminate a bacteria, get a disease not easily, and make voice comfortable and crystal. Before singing, drink bit of weak salt water, can avoid larynx dry voice is hoarse.

4. When deepfry food, bit of salt is put in oily boiler, oily won't outside splash, when nodding oil lamp, bit of salt is put in oil, not only province oil is not fumy, and can increase brightness.

5. The time that furniture uses is long, the dirty stuff above is not easy take out. Can brush with salt water first at this moment, reoccupy hot water is brushed. Furniture is shown completely immediately new.

6. A few bloodstain are stained with on the dress, if bathe ungodliness, a few salt can be put in bloodstain place, in a few minutes, reoccupy soap knead, with cold water full, but scour off bloodstain.

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