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Gout study learns interest about strengthening pupil
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We often say: "Interest is best teacher " " the guide that interest is an introduction " " interest is the powerful motive force that urges study, it is to arouse seek knowledge desire, develop intellective activator. Develop intellective activator..

Interest is people is engaged in or some plants dug the positive psychological trend of clerical activity, it is to drive people to know a thing, the source of main motive force of hunting truth. And study interest is a student positive to a kind of study activity understanding trend, it is the student gets knowledge actively, master study method independently, as a child good study is used to nurturance, the psychology that forms a pattern that fits oneself to learn or skill self-consciously supports platform, also be at the same time a kind initiative, active, active study mood experience and in-house motive force. Once the student generated interest to learning, can form best excited center in the depth of cerebrum, make all sorts of sense organs be in groove, cause the high attention of student learning initiatively, participate in study for systemic heart thereby, devote into study to offer first-rate study psychology to prepare (affection, manner and viewpoint of value) support with the technology (means, method and habit) .

Learning interest is the initial impetus of life study, provide psychological support to lifelong study. Study interest can make the student forms good study psychology quality. Study interest can promote student intelligence to develop. Study interest can rise a student integrated quality. Interest study is initiative study, it is the study on a kind of real significance.

The student's study is a complex and arduous mental work, want to finish study job successfully, need better intelligence not only, still need the interest to studying an activity, enthusiasm and tenacious will, wait for disposition feature from confidence. Pupil is corrupt had played to move, have a good memory, curiosity is strong, curious desire exuberant, when anything crops up always good ask why? The thing that is interested in them is bibulous like sponge euqally active and active participate in and can gain psychological response. Happy education puts forward theoretically to arouse the shortcut of pupil study interest just about.

Happy education is academic: Does fade of Qiao of  of bore with a reamer of Mei of  of dead lament male Ping stew frame by force? Admonish of τ of Shun of  of peptone of Qi of nobelium of contraction of Li of Tun of Sou of meat and fish dishes of the bell that stew setting out asks this world Hui of  of Lei of τ of Gu Shun of Che Wu  is miscellaneous foolish mire 6  stews thorn  value that tenon is noisy 30 mast  of  of twinkling of cereal of な of Si of  of  Si ぃ chants 
Pupil learns the development of interest: Inclination of → of fun of → of interesting → appeal

Learn the character of interest: Want to learn, can learn, happy learn, be apt to learns. Want to learn, study consciousness of the heart, the study before the class prepares, expression wants to learn for me. Can learn, can make full use of already some knowledge, experience and method participate in learning process, expression can learn for me, I can learn. Happy learn, in learning a process, understanding will be changed inside knowledge, and reduce study method, can apply learn law and already the affection experience that some intellectual experience have, expression is active study, joy study. Be apt to learns, in learning a process, formation good study habit and character, expression is a study sth in order to apply it, extend innovation.
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