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The mathematical strange interest on plant body
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Human early saw mathematical feature from inside the plant: Leaf is arranged symmetrically in thalamus brim, whole flower presents a radiation semmetry figure almost apple-piely, leaf is folded each other along plant bine stalk case, some floral seed is round, some are thorn shape, some are deft umbrella shape... the mathematical pattern that all all these showed a lot of beauty to us.

Found the famous mathematician of coordinate law is Cartesian, the tuft leaf that studies according to him and feature of foliaceous form curve, listed X3 + Y3 - 3axy = the equation of 0, this shows algebra namely in famous " Cartesian Xie Xian " (perhaps cry " foliaceous look line " ) , the name that mathematician still took a poetic flavour for it -- curve of jasmine flower valve.

Later, the scientist discovers again, the feature of the amount of floral leaf, sepal, fructification and other side, special be identical at a peculiar series -- famous Fei Bo engraves then series: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89... among them, from 3 begin, each number is before 2 the sum.

The permutation of sunflower seed means, it is a kind of typical maths pattern. Observe helianthus flower disc carefully, you can discover two groups of corkscrewed yarn, a group of clockwises are voluminous, another group of anticlockwise direction are voluminous, and each other are embedded. Although different helianthus breed is medium, the seed is suitable, anticlockwise the amount of direction and corkscrewed yarn differs somewhat, but often won't exceed 34 and 55, 55 and 89 or 89 with these 3 groups of 144 numbers, every groups of numbers are two number of adjacent of the photograph in series of Fei Bo that agree. A number is the line number with suitable voluminous hour hand, a number is anticlockwise after voluminous line number.

The flower disc of daisy also has similar mathematical pattern, just number slightly a few smaller. The lozenge scale on pineapple fructification, group is arranged all right rise, 8 towards the left tilt, 13 tilt right. The cone of Norwegian dragon spruce has 3 scale on a direction, there are 5 scales on another direction. Common deciduous leaf pine is a kind of conifer, the scale on its pinecone discharges 5 to mix 8 each on two direction, the United States' loose pinecone scale is on two direction each mix 5 into 3...

If be the scale number of the petaline number that decided flower hereditarily and pinecone, so why does that agree series meet Fei Bo with this such coincidence? This also is the plant gets used to the result with evolution for a long time in nature. The mathematical trait that shows because of plant institute is the result that the plant grows in dynamic process to be able to arise necessarily, it gets the severe bind of mathematical rule, in other words, the plant cannot leave series of Fei Bo that agree, like having cubic figure necessarily with respect to the crystal that resembles salt. After as a result of this series medium numerical value leans more, jump over big, because the business of the number of adjacent of these two photographs will be more and more adjacent,this 0.618034 are worth. For example 34/55 = 0.6182, had been close to to it, the accurate limit of this ratio is " gold is counted " .
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