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Factitious what can feel cold?
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A cold wind is blown, the person can feel cold. But why can the person feel after all cold? The scientist found out the one part chemism that controls cold feeling, this may help development new-style anodyne.

The principle with human body hot perception is not secret already. Higher temperature can activation a few ionic passageways on cellular film, namely a few small hole that form by the element. They control specific chemistry to material is flowed into or pour out of nerve, produce telegraphic number. And cold be how experience?

According to England of new first phase " new scientist " magazine story, two research groups of American report respectively recently say, the nerve that they discovered experimental rat is right mechanism of cold a kind of reaction. These two groups discover, a certain ionic passageway can make experimental rat nerve right 8 produce reaction to the cold feeling between 28 Celsius. They discover, field mint alcohol also can activation this ionic passageway. This can explain why field mint makes the person feels cool and refreshing. Researcher still says, some nerve are in cold fall with hot stimulation respond. This may explain why the person can produce glowing illusion to iciness occasionally.

Group of a scientific research discovered nerve is right the means of another kind of reaction of cold stimulation. They discover, temperature falls from 33 Celsius when 15 Celsius, a specific Potassium in experimental rat nerve leaves subchannel to be able to be shut. This meeting makes one fraction nerve produces reaction, but another Potassium is rising from subchannel " brake " action, because this is other,classics of greater part give a little attention to does not have reaction.

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