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Why can autumnal greenery become angry?
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Viridescent chlorophyll is contained in all leaves, tree uses chlorophyll to capture light energy and the formal memory that plays a light energy to wait for chemical material with candy in the help of other material in leaf rises. Outside dividing chlorophyll, yellow, orange and red still are contained to wait in a lot of leaves a few otherer pigment. Although these pigment cannot resemble chlorophyll undertaking photosynthesis euqally, but among them a few can deliver captured light energy to chlorophyll. In spring and summer, chlorophyll wants to be abounded more than other pigment in the content in leaf, so leaf presents the green that gives chlorophyll, and the color that does not see give other pigment.

When the autumn comes, shorten by day and night is lengthened, this makes tree begins deciduous leaf. Before deciduous leaf, tree searchs appearance to make many chlorophyll like spring and summer no longer, and already some pigment, for instance chlorophyll, also can decompose gradually. Such, as the drop off of chlorophyll content, the color of other pigment can be on face of blade show gradually, then the leaf appears piece yellow, red wait for color.

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