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Why can chromatic aureola appear all round the sun?
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The aureola that appears all round the sun calls solar halo, it and it is in the evening all round the moon the lunar halo that see is one and the same, just be solar halo appears in the sun all round. After in relief illumination shoots the tiny ice crystal in high-level air, solar halo is formed. In the earth in the sky several miles headroom, the freezing point that air temperature falls very easily to be able to form ice crystal is the following. The sunlight that passes through ice crystal or moon are gone back by reflection, in the sun or moon all round form solar halo or lunar halo.

The color of solar halo is the reflection that arises when passing through ice crystal by sunshine the effect forms - - the inside brim that red is located in solar halo; Blue is located in solar halo outside side predestined relationship. The permutation of color order and rainbow are identical, but the color dividing line of solar halo is very not trenchant. Lunar halo is colored also, just be in the evening the light is weak, together with eye is opposite in the late evening the reaction ability of weak light is poor, cannot distinguish color stopped. People can see lunar halo constantly and seldom see solar halo, the light that basically is the sun is very strong.

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