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Why can the sky present different color?
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The colour in the sky the color of each different is to be below different weather condition, sunshine causes in the scattering place in aerosphere. The color of the sky that we see, it is the color of the light of aerosphere scattering actually. If the sky is very pure, without the scattering action of atmosphere and other particle, so, besides can see the sun, moon, tiny spot beyond, whole sky setting will be a darkness.

Atmosphere is not to action of different lubricious scattering of light " principle of equal opportunity for all " , in be not even medium identically, smooth wavelengh is shorter, scattering is stronger. The Laguang with shorter wavelengh and violet light want longerer than wavelengh glow and orange capability of scattering of light is 100 thousand times stronger; On the other hand, the size of the particle in scattering intensity and medium is concerned, particle is smaller, be helpful for the scattering of shortwave light more, and the scattering that goes against long wave light.

In sunny weather, air is cleaner, atmosphere element is extremely petty particle, be helpful for the scattering of shortwave light, so sunshine medium wave grows shorter Laguang and violet light to pass atmosphere scattering extremely easily to leave, dispersed go up in whole sky setting, because person eye is right violet light is not quite sensitive, so the sky became sky blue it seems that.

When saying in the sky, the water in the cloud is bigger particle, can cause all sorts of lubricious scattering of light, mutual compound result, look to be like every piece white garrulous.

Before heavy rain comes, the water in the cloud big close, diaphaneity is very low, the light that scattering comes out is very few, accordingly the sky looks even if dusky or dark.

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