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Tutoring service teachers will be paid a special inspector
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Recently, on the in-service teachers paid tutor in Shandong Province and Zhejiang Province as the practice of different sparked huge controversy, and the Ministry of Education firmly opposed to in-service teachers respond Paid Family is played for the controversial "waves" role. In fact, the in-service teachers paid tutor as "hidden rules" as there quietly, which, Henan teachers, parents and the education sector and what is opinion? This reporter had visited.
○ ● the ban? The place? Local policy to stay "hole"?
Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Government, Zhejiang Province first submitted to the 13th session of the Standing Committee of the "Compulsory Education Bill, Zhejiang Province (Draft)", once again pushed the issue to the public.
The "Regulations (draft)" states: "During the day school teachers may not engage in paid tutoring, training institutions or to school part-time puts in a lot; in the holiday period of not organizing students to accept paid tutor." And gives to dismiss the penalties.
The legislation was intended to regulate Zhejiang many of the Paid Family social debate. However, many people are concerned, "Bill (Draft)" prohibits only on weekdays during the school teachers engaged in paid tutoring. Such a provision is clearly left a "small hole", click here to regulations, means that teachers can engage in paid tutoring during non-working days.
Almost simultaneously, Shandong Province, introduced the "Compulsory Education Regulations of Shandong Province (Draft)" was paid for serving teachers to tutor a complete prohibition. Shortly later, on October 26 afternoon, the Ministry of Education held a press conference to respond publicly, for the use of his position for personal gain for the behavior of Paid Family expresses its resolute opposition, controversy begins.
○ ● on paid tutor, the parties are contradictory state of mind
"Teacher Organization paid to participate in tutoring, increase our financial burden on parents, but also easy to remedial high intensity caused by the child mental weariness, not to participate in it, afraid of the child falling behind other 'special favor' of the students back." Zhengzhou City Mr. Chen stated the part of the paid tutoring parents face, "helpless" state of mind. "Now teachers in income has made great progress, on this basis, prohibiting paid tutor, is conducive to promoting the dignity of the division to stimulate hard working teachers." Moral Education in a secondary school in Zhengzhou, Director said, but his views on Teachers also sparked internal controversy, "teachers does not affect the normal working situation, using appropriate remedial spare time, should be able to understand and be accepted."
While the school expressly prohibit the serving teachers paid tutor, but some teachers did not get control of behavior. "Schools alone is difficult to put an end to the ban, and some key teachers, great visibility on the outside, knowing that they're outside the school tutor, not a good intervention. Their income outside the school to exceed the revenue management too I am afraid that will cause a serious brain drain. to know that such a valuable resource for school teachers, is 'Tai Zhuzi'. "A school principal said.
○ ● tutoring service teachers will be paid the special inspector
Although the parties have their own point of view, but in recent years but no improvement of education ills. Instead, new regulations for the old law, the current primary and secondary education has also formed a number of unwritten rules. Recently, the field of primary and secondary education CCTV summarizes the existing eight "hidden rules" alarming depth of its long-standing abuse.
These eight "hidden rules" as: "The exemption vicinity" alienation as a "competing school choice," School Choice fee "was voluntary," Mathematical Olympiad face-lift, enrollment rate is also the first fight, "Key class" was renamed "innovation class" , cram the title of "parent Committee", "I'll teach your students", full collective ex-situ remedial courses.
According to Basic Education Department of Henan Province Department of Education official said, the field of primary and secondary education face a variety of Henan "hidden rules" phenomenon, Education Department of Henan Province, formed from 11 groups of inspectors since October, running on the behavior of primary and secondary schools throughout special inspector, paid tutor is one of the priorities. "The inspectors concerning the compulsory education requirements of teachers whether homework by reducing the burden, is still held in the selection examination organized by Public high schools repeat classes. The school according to the seriousness of the violations, were given a yellow card warning, reprimand, order rectification, revoke the title of advanced, cancel appraised qualifications punishment; of local governments and education authorities within the region due to lack of supervision resulted in repeated violations occur, depending on the seriousness of the cases to give notice, order rectification, cancellation and Education Advanced units of work-related title, qualifications first penalty assessment. "Basic Education Department of Henan Province Department of Education official said the inspectors in if it is found in the special issue will be severely punished.

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