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College entrance examination under the weight of the market to guide the order
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Bring paid tutor, students tired, distressed parents, teachers helpless. I personally believe that education authorities to live if want to earn an executive order to ban paid tutor, obviously not realistic, nor practical efficiency. Because of high The Paid Family test booster, society, parents, schools, teachers, students, have become the victims of the college entrance examination. To really change this situation, countries must increase investment in education, a fundamental reform, "all speak with scores of" education evaluation system and the admission system, improve teacher rotation system, and with a full range of powerful Exam supervision. Now, the college entrance examination-oriented social trends in virtually guided, guiding parents to the scores of Heroes, to the examination results on the success or failure. Children not admitted to top universities seem to have no hope , There is no amount to anything. This concept is indeed the biggest boost by Paid Family. Not only that, most places in China, from kindergarten, primary and secondary schools to university, college entrance examination under the guidance of the baton, artificially SCHOOLS Into a rank or grade, so teachers arrangement the release of funds and other treatment has also been of rank or grade of the points (which is not fair education.) And again the current admission system to further strengthen this classification: Students rise Science is categorized according to academic test scores admitted to different schools, the best grades to focus on school enrollment, performance inferior to the general arrangement of the school, the arrangement in the worst schools. Not only that, the same Schools, different grades of students and compiled into different classes, some of which was divided into rocket class, focusing on classes and regular classes; the same class in different grades, some students will arrange different groups or different seats. Where the And so on, all the time subconsciously tell everyone: you must accept the reality, the child must have excellent academic performance. In this case, the natural parents rack their brains, brains please tutor, the natural form of paid Tutoring market. In fact, this is normal. Therefore, the education system and reform the existing scientific (including of course enrollment system), the implementation of school students without teaching without, this is the fundamental method; reform in today's college entrance exam Review Price system is also imminent. Only today has changed the baton of the college entrance examination, the case of Paid Family fundamental change will occur. Some people think that some teachers Paid Family income has become a major means of individual teachers in the school perfunctory, secretly do a Paid Family impressive confused. Can be seen from this view, this is only a Small number of people, not all, though there is a loss of image, it will not be able to deny the whole, because the noble morality, after all, most, like some people say the Communist Party corruption, as corruption can not represent the entire minority group Body. Let us not guilty of sweeping problems. Therefore, I think governance "paid tutor" should not be blocked sparse. I think this market to be cut off from the source, which is to improve the ideological consciousness of the parents, the parents care to eliminate Consideration. Of course, parents hope their children become Jackie Chan Cheng-feng mental booster Paid Family. They hope that their children will amount to anything, want their children than other people's children strong, this psychological nothing wrong However, this psychological parents to shift into a variety of actions, of course, to find tutors for their children. Only in this way before their children could learn more things than other children. I do not know this virtual world is the spirit of the child Slaughtered. We should let the parents in the new evaluation system of education, recognized by a single-plank bridge entrance, even if behind, does not mean you are poor, learning technology is more important. To know "三百六十行, very best." Lead them to believe reading the book the most important thing is the habit of lifelong learning among children. Children with this habit, it will not grow up afraid of the future can not find work and direction: the mistakes even in this respect, he would be happy to Continue to learn and find new direction, start over. Able to do, parents can sit back and relax. Moreover, social development, the era of progress, our society has been the transition from a planned economy to a commodity economy, and now entered the market economy. Any other industry personnel can have a second job, do the old Teachers should not have? Should teachers be a god, and not people? Anyone to use double-break time to do things a second job, should be paid, teachers should not be an exception, or does not meet the social trend. Original Individual, occasional volunteer work into a universal, regular paid work, of course, should also be acceptable. I think the teachers a bit like the Chinese Ming Dynasty officials, wages are not high, things to do, The results have a normal life with their own protection can not, in the down guess what to know. Imagine, your salary is higher than an ordinary rural artisans are low, and even can not guarantee a normal life, you still do not mind working For it? Teachers, the situation should be even worse than this. Social progress and shows that where? Guide the tutoring market is also a good way. Should do anything to ease the main, rather than block-based. "Anti-people of the mouth, even in the anti-Chuan", this is a historical lesson, the next block is a worst, even if they can go Have little effect, that is the short term, but also short-lived. In order to rationalize the tutoring market, orderly, nurturing a mature market, education and training, school classes and extra lessons outside demarcated to form a healthy competitive environment. I think is the best approach. Entrance baton has changed, the parents know has changed, Is there breeding Paid Family soil yet?
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