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Chinas first tutor Hampson English settled in the Phoenix Business Street
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Phoenix Commercial Street is located in the northeast corner of San Yuan Qiao, commercial street within the Street by situational planning, focus on creating a sense of fun to experience in order to separate the landscape nodes by the "international food", "fitness" and "modern life" Three main areas, integration of business catering, leisure, home, supermarkets and other multi format, open the sensory pleasure for consumers shopping trip. Sanyuanqiao large regional collection target consumer groups, including world-class enterprises and account for significant percentage of the international community. Also, the region has a diversified industry composition characteristics, have a good room for growth and consumer trends. Phoenix Plaza commercial streets and high-end international business community as the basis, is the highlight activity Sanyuanqiao district accumulation point of consumption. Hampson English is the value of its superior geographic environment, to meet the convenience of more people learning English, and Select Phoenix Business Street. Has since settled its excellent teaching environment and location that is certainly well received by customers, coupled with its strong team of foreign experts, and the quality of teaching quality, a commercial street a bright star. Li Ka-shing had a famous saying: "location, location, or a lot", it means that lots have value. Excellent location for future development of enterprises have an extremely far-reaching impact. September 2010, Hampson English Beijing Sanyuan Bridge Learning Center moved to Phoenix from a third supplier Street Commercial Building, completed from the traditional office space to transform into the perfect shop. This is the main commercial streets in Phoenix is not only rich in value to facilitate the commercial life support, as the underlying commercial Shop window dressing rooms, spacious and bright, comfortable and convenient for each student learning in the Hampson provide a more enjoyable learning experience, and more rapid development of the future of English Hampson has injected new vitality.
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