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Tutoring experience of value to the small but not necessarily learn better tea
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As a parent, She believes that the college entrance examination, which had just come to the "little teacher" is more valuable learning experience. "They are peers with the students, communication is easier, and they are the leader in the same age, our children can play a role model." Teaching capacity needs to be strengthened "Learn better not teach well," tutoring sector must "champion tutor", while actively participating in social practice, their own teaching ability was questioned. Chancheng PTA members, education and training of front-line Learning Center Chancheng experienced teachers Zhongxing Ying teachers believe that the growth of the top students can really experience and the experience to the pro forma was a reference for students, but the champion of such "little teacher" as lack of teaching experience , teaching ability to be strengthened. "Primary school teacher in teaching, he is likely to be interested in a knowledge point speaks well, but the regularity of system knowledge, years of teaching experience is not difficult to teach well." Taught in Middle School for many years Zhongxing Ying, for example, generally experienced teachers, the syllabus will analyze recent years, induction, summarize, identify the characteristics of the exam, compulsory content, and a term of the champion "little teacher" obviously not long been engaged in teaching and research, so they Professor Knowledge is limited. In addition, student learning is a long process, the quality of tuition require long-term tracking, these areas, the scholar "little teacher" is difficult to achieve.
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