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Defects of Chinese parents family education should be hands-on
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"I do not want injections, pain. Leave me alone." Recently, to help test network reporters injection in a hospital room having a little boy, aged 13, physically strong, grandparents are to be with him to do skin testing. Treat older boy is very sharp language, and sometimes even fist Cross. It seems such a phenomenon is not a small number of reporters, the children's every move no doubt reflected the current education of future generations of Chinese families the defect. "Little Emperor", "apple" and so are our children, young people generally more gentle call. These gentle call is reflected in the children do whatever they want in the family's status in life, they are more like a group of bully. Family education in China has not seriously spoil the child, and gradually led them to do anything they want in the character of family life. Living with their parents, but most of the daily life care by the grandparents, this is the city, young people in general living conditions of children. As busy with work, children's issues in the education parents often decentralized to the home of the older generation, while the older generation in their children's education, the more stress is placed on quality of life, children What are the requirements, they will try to go satisfied, more is spoiled for children instead of care. Test network reporter to help the process of understanding a retired high school teacher for many years Yang. Yang, seventies a few, her husband died many years ago, the son of a civil servant, a wife to work state-owned enterprises, grandson of the high one, she can receive a monthly pension of more than five thousand dollars, living conditions fairly well off. Yang now own a house to live, not live together with his son. Senior teacher background, the education of future generations should have refined, but due to living alone at home, Yang threw himself cast in the descendant's body. Yang reporters often see a call to grandchildren and fall. They do not live near, but a phone call, "Grandma, I want to eat McDonald's!" Yang will always be duty-bound to catch the bus to send in the past, and finally, in exchange for a sentence only grandson, a little cold. Yang is on, all they are all sweet, as long as the visibility grandson side, just to do one thing for the grandchildren, she contented. In the cities, many of them are highly educated generation grandfather, they understand the consequences of future generations spoil. However, due to the elderly rather monotonous, entertainment is relatively small, they tend to put all thoughts are invested in their grandchildren, grandson, happy to meet as long as they can be satisfied. In dealing with the issue of grandchildren, they will always be in the attitude of indulgence, and the parents of children not as ultimately contributing to the current sick family education: young children, selfish, spoiled, lack of self-care ability, in front of the family, no sense of inferiority or superiority whatever he wants. And cities, children left behind in rural areas is a lack of family education group, this group show more serious problems. They are not long-term care for their parents, not their parents hug in foster care with relatives, there is no growth to share with them the objects of acid and sweet, and ultimately led them withdrawn and psychological distortions. Many previous reports on the children left behind, or because they are a criticism of the teacher, or because the students joke and chose to commit suicide, taking his own life. Parents always think that, as long as the children pocket money, to buy the best clothes to see the children can understand why they leave their homes. In fact, for young children, the best gift parents around every day, learning difficulties, and parents can counseling, there are unhappy things in life, parents can share together, they need the parents to teach. Whether in cities or in rural areas, education for young children, the school alone is not enough, the growth of the child family education plays a key role. Only family education and school education complement each other, in the interest of good health personnel training. As a parent, in addition to commitment to children's clothing, housing, the thought sex education should also be responsible for the goods, home for the elderly can only play a supporting role, more important is the parents themselves. The pressure of life for those who can not be forced to close in the child's parents, should increase the number of contacts with the child, to ensure that a phone call every day, more than a holiday home, let the children feel, your not far away from him, the only way to reduce the rear the harm the child. Parents in the family education is essential, a good education is the grandparents, relatives and family friends can not give a child's healthy growth and ultimately, the parents pay.
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