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Not a tax refund tuition deduction Early Learning Centre has also been ordered
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7060 yuan for the baby spent in early education centers Gymboree bought 60 hours of early education, child study only 27 hours. Want to drop out, the Early Learning Center hours are only willing to refund the remaining one-third of fees, but also into a tax deduction 1. Great-grandmother, who lives on the Sun Road in Taipei at the end of the business sector to Jianghan complaints last year, Wuhan Youth Palace Gymboree Early Learning Center reported that the classes, when a total of 60 lessons. This summer, the center near the train station to the Hankou of Wuhan City Museum. The road farther away, an old grandmother can not shuttle Sun granddaughter, would like to drop out early, asked the Centre to refund 3,883 yuan when, after class, they were rejected. The responsible person of the center, early education center has a contract with Sun grandmother, drop-out is a unilateral breach of contract, the contract can only withdraw one third of the remaining hours, but also ten percent tax deduction, Sun can get great-grandmother 1170 yuan. Industry and Commerce Trade and Industry Branch Evergreen Jianghan survey found that the contract for the development of Gymboree Early Learning Centre, the format of the contract unilaterally, according to the specified record in the business sector. In addition, the contract breach of contract penalty provisions of the consumer business, has increased consumer responsibility for the content, and more than a reasonable amount of liquidated damages. Evergreen Centre for Trade and Industry may order the return of the great-grandmother granddaughter Sun is not the balance after class, while problems in the contract immediate rectification. December 6, Sun great-grandmother had to get a refund 3,883 yuan.
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