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Is physical base not firm how to do?
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To major high school student character, physics is a course that lets poll ache. But actually, physics is not complex and difficult, wanted to master better study method only, it can become very interesting, learn easily.

A lot of student reacts to me the base is not firm, the base is not firm a lot of problems can be caused in study, for instance:

Cannot draw inferences about other cases from one instance

Clever but grade is not high

Thinking ability is general

Thinking is active but total error 0

Can after all what is a foundation not firm?

The base is not firm not be the concept on the book, theorematic back does not come out

A lot of student said to ask a lot of family education to me, it is the theorem that telling book to go up to him, concept, can be theorematic, the concept is very ripe exam or what won't. The teacher that if he is asked,I think is to give him take lessons after school or work so merely, that can say only is this teacher a kind of error on not firm to student foundation understanding.

A lot of people think to want a student to put forward only is the problem with not firm base, what that should go up from book is theorematic. The concept grabs, the key is put in consolidate to the student the theorem on the book, concept. This kind of method meets some to learning geometry good, because the method of geometry that solve a problem is the theorem that results from a book to go up, concept, some titles apply theorem directly, axiom comes out with respect to very can easy solution, but to studying physics, I disapprove of this kind of method!

Everybody should turn over physical book to be able to discover the concept inside physics only, theorem should be gotten lesser than maths far much, it is can skilled back gives these things only excuse me so, go taking an exam can be you used? The answer is apparent.

Physical title is to result from the life, result from the principle on the book, the key inspects the application of draw inferences about other cases from one instance really. Everybody is not firm to the foundation now had accurate knowledge, I talk about me to solve the method with student not firm base in education below:

1.The rule that knowledge orders explains in schoolteaching process:

Award class hour to want the intellectual dot that goes up with the book first to give priority to of course, but the link that this is not a key.
When explaining the knowledge on book to nod, want to have the law, be like, when explaining an idea, according to the definition, formulary, unit, applied move will explain, let a student see clear palpability, time is long, when the pupil is learning new knowledge, oneself analyse the habit that a knowledge nods with respect to meeting nurturance by order, the thinking that can train a student is clear.

2.Fallible knowledge nods in schoolteaching process make clear
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