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How to strengthen pupil study interest
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English serves as the 2nd language of pupil, brought a brand-new intellectual domain to children already, brought the difficult problem that how gets used to different language to them again. In English learning process, interest is guide, it is the gate that leads a student to open English study. Where don't have interest, where to remember (song heart) . Accordingly, in education process, the interest that how allows a student to have study English is a challenge.
Study of elementary school English can divide for 3 parts: Speech phonetic symbol, syntactic, phrase is accumulated. The content of elementary school textbook spreads out with the form of the story, conduce to children be opposite the recital of text content.
My profession is family education teacher, education means is man-to-man, can have according to the child's characteristic consequently increase English study interest in the light of the ground, insufficient is to cannot resemble class giving lessons to make there is mutual competition between the child in that way, the motivation of collective progress. My schoolteaching content is one is reviewed actually additional process, more be to be aimed at a few exams to undertake.

According to my education activity that combines the near future, my summary strengthens study interest method to be as follows:

Rise read interest

The psychology of pupil is flimsier, be hit easily by a few rare words in reading, must encourage them before read consequently, let them confidence goes overcoming difficult problem.

George Was A Quiet, serious Young Man. He Had Been Studying Very Very Hard One Year, and When He Passed All His Exams, his Friend Jim Went To Give Him His Congratulations And Then Had An Earnest Talk With Him. "You've Never Been To A Dance, george, " He Said. "It's Boring Always Studying And Never Enjoying Oneself. Come Out With Me This Evening. " " Maybe You're Right, jim, " Replied George After A Moment's Hesitation. So They Went To A Dance And Had A Very Good Time. But George Drank More Than He Was Used To, and By Midnight Jim Had Become Worried About Him, so He Said, "Now We'll Walk Home In The Cool Air. " On Their Way Home, they Came To A Bridge, and George Looked Down At The River Below Very Carefully, the Stars Were Reflected In Its Surface. "What Are Those Lights Down There? " George Asked. "They're The Stars, george, " Jim Answered. The Stars? " George Said. "Well, then, they Should Be Above In The Sky. How Did I Get So High Up Here? They Are Now At My Foot!

This piece longer, but the patience of test child and attentive degree, in education process, I encourage the child not to become a problem first, no matter there is how many new word to want toughen one's scalp-brace oneself to read in the article,go down however, I tell what this article basically said after be being read, want the child to be able to bear or endure only next hearts come, understand this article to be no problem for certain, they let become a problem again later, general 5 problems become pair of 4 problems. Do can make to an article the child builds a confidence, nurturance a good convention that become a problem, such ability have fun at go read more articles.
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