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Chinese learns a pithy formula
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One, Chinese Phonetic Alphabet

A O E, I U Ü , mark attune presses this order more;
If I U is close,be linked together, bid goes to latter head.
Spelling regulation is told finely, any initial consonant are not independent; Zh Ch Sh R Z C S, add I after becoming syllable. Iou Uei Uen, do not hesitate, sheet changes with the head W or Y;
If in front phonic mother, take out O E closes established practice. I mother nob gets independence, y is increased before I In Ing;
Other and all answer simple or compound vowel, greaten small I Y. U mother singles not hesitates, it is OK that W is increased before; U mother heads to be alone door, want to greaten small U.
Every beltÜThe mother wants to notice, go adding Y independently before the dot; N L photograph goes all out to be not nodded, go nodding point to J Q X only.

2, parts of words discerns

Some parts of words are hard divisional, typical characteristic should write down clear:
Move form add not the name is no good, kinetic energy is added not form add very;
Conjunction around can exchange, preposition around attune won'ts do;
Exclamation always is used alone, heel of word of mood auxiliary word.

3, word group discerns

Main word group 4 types, embed a word to differ but differentiate is clear:
Can be embedded jointly and and and, advocate call can embed relatively very more,
Embedded land must be to slant, was being embedded is to move guest too.
word preposition and azimuth, 3 kinds of structures from trenchant.

4, differentiate simple sentence

Advocate call guest, calm shape fills, trunk branches and leaves distinguishs Hunan;
Attribute often is in advocate before guest, shape is before calling after calling, fill.
After decided state ground is gotten, fill, formal mark wants to remember;
Encounter a format to have change, distinguish Mo Han carefully to paper.

5, modification disease sentence

Modification disease sentence have tricks of the trade, methodological measure should write down prison:
Main ingredient searchs first, advocate call object is little;
Composition is short of see collocation, advocate call it is good to move guest to be able to be built;
Tie-in and appropriate read a sentence, repetition part cannot want;
Order is undeserved beard recomposition, the misgivings that use a word should change;
See logistic chaos again, self-contradictory fluky;
Emotional colour is not done instead, its order fastens reverse;
Suit the remedy to the case changes carefully, do not believe a hand to be done at random.

6, rhetorical method


Figurative cent borrows for light and shade, word group sentence paragraph all parallelism;
Borrow era to cannot change simile, personification writes thing when the person;
Comparative content needs contrary, dual form is the most orderly;
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