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New junior high is born in a few when should notice on English study to stress a
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Enter junior high school, a lot of students discover in study English respect encountered difficulty, feel when elementary school study English is very relaxed originally, but ability not equal to one's ambition feels after thorough junior high school.

The state that at present the English education of major school exists is, textbook is simpler, but the exam compares difficult content with respect to the unified exam. Because of what this gets on textbook merely intellectual control cannot satisfy a requirement. English is a language above all, just be a course next, this cannot resemble learning several manage to change with respect to requirement learner will learn it in that way. Intellectual dot of English is relatively inattentive, but affect each other again between each other, the exam is the test of levels of pair of English of whole of a student. This are in first the 3 students that in drawing near, take an examination of behave on the body highlight particularly. Because enter,this basically is first after 3 semester, english has begun to be reviewed in the round, the content of the exam is more and more integrated, emphasize the assessment to integrated ability namely. The student meets those who sense success to drop, roll the face loses cent increasing.

English study also achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject of be particular about, all sorts of problems have respective characteristic, student do not blind answering question, be eager to hope for success, the height that calm and spirit should accomplish above all when taking an exam is centered. When becoming a subject, time distributings should even. Be in for example finish model when inscribing, ten million cannot read-only with respect to carelessly answering question, consult prematurely option may introduce the student the error, why not oneself guess a story first probably Where is content? Although say,be " guess " , it is reasonable to a of article option actually forecast. Such, there can be way when choosing the answer, and the won't optional person that allow to give a title introduces you different meanings.

Making reading time, a lot of students can feel C piece the article is too difficult, begin to write or paint of have no way, actually, article the more difficult, title the more simple. The article of this one type is connected normally piece appear to give birth to word interference examinee in great quantities, plus sentence type a little a bit more complex, learn to be born with more not know what to do. Although the text appeared a lot of new words, but can undertake guessing for the most part. Especially the article is a few mediumer " minor term " , be like But, the term of However and so on, must notice, because the meaning of this article is in,this appeared turn.

The exam must be accomplished attentive and bold, careful memory at ordinary times petty knowledge dot, form framework in brains, only such, english achievement just is met one step by step rise.
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