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Unripe to junior high school and character, english is the course with greater difficulty, master the method of English study, make oneself can get knowledge independently, it is the important step that obtains outstanding result.

The first, must have prepare lessons before class. Prepare lessons before class can make we have psychology to prepare, can help us improve classroom efficiency. To the education plan of own teacher, we should be clearer, so we should shift to an earlier date prepare lessons before class the following day content, the difficult point that can understand oneself adequately is in where, when attend a lecture can have a definite object in view.

The 2nd, improve efficiency of classroom attend a lecture. On classroom we should accomplish the following: 1. Static listen. Attend class serious listen to a talk, make nice note, no matter listen, say, read, write should make oneself active from beginning to end. .2 is taken an active part in. English is the course with strong practicality, want boldly practice, dare say, dare read, answer the question that the teacher raises actively. Vigorous speech has profit greatly on classroom to us, the vigorous speech of every time is hear of training, can make we concentrate energy, it is more difficult to be opposite punch-drunk perhaps problem has a clear result. Often speech of raise one's hand also can let a teacher deepen the impression to oneself. The attend a lecture on classroom is crucial, the language that there always are oneself when the teacher is saying a focal point or posture characteristic, we should be good at observe and holding. 3 diligent start writing. Seasonable fast shorthand is in the key the teacher on classroom minute book, want to treat Orphean class and the concern that note note nevertheless, cannot attend to one thing and lose another. 4 much mouth. The place that to oneself classroom does not understand, after finishing class must ask a teacher in time, solved the problem that day, do not want take into account so called face and do not understand outfit understand, otherwise flaw is increasing, create the ceaseless landslide of English achievement finally.

The 3rd, class hind must be reviewed in time

Here " seasonable " , after including to finish class review in time, time of 3 minutes closes an eye to review this class key and difficulty, noon break wants to be reviewed again midday, at most 5 minutes. Come home in the evening must review in time again. The if use,did not remember place in this process must make good number on jotter when Zhou Fu reviews and the month is reviewed, review in order to have mainly later, also reduced the burden that oneself review so, improved reviewed efficiency. Not be pure in this process look book and see a word, however oneself take an examination of oneself, did the intellectual system of this class remember doing not have? Did the complex problem of this class consolidate?

The 4th, reviewing is not one day is finished, however long term fight.
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