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Does renown division talk -- does writing article have skill after all?
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The ancients says: "Civil without calm law " , some the literary world everybody also thinks the composition is to do not have what recipe but of character, even cling to golden old person once also had said, write an article " the greatest skill is not to have skill " . Mention composition education, what hold with education of skill of writing method, writing it seems that is not much, think this is attend to trifles and neglect the essentials, answer to set out from the student's interest, make them free develop. But Ceng Youxue is born to say to me, he won't write argumentative writing; Also the student says, narrative is from A to Z narrate. Open-eyed feel to be in reason again, make finally without limitative freedom student not know what to do. Accordingly, I think in phase of begin to learn the study of basic ability law is mixed applying is very necessary.

To student of the high school at the beginning of the great majority that begin to learn writes, need protocol to a certain number of basic writing methods, ability asks and train a method, help them pass practice ceaselessly, ability is moved toward gradually " civil without calm law " state. We analyse first " Kong Yi oneself " in a paragraph writing ability law: "Kong Yi oneself it is the only person that standing to drink and wears long gown. His figure is very tall; Young white face is lubricious, some of bruise is placed constantly between furrow; The mustache of a jumbled grey. Wear although be long gown, but dirty defeat again, did not fill more than 10 years it seems that, also did not wash. He talks to the person, always be glibly pedantic terms, teach a person to know what do not understand partly. Because he surnames aperture, others from paper of trace in black ink over characters printed in red ' go up adult Kong Yi oneself ' in the word that this does not know partly, take next nickname for him, call Kong Yi oneself. Kong Yi oneself arrive inn, all nonabstainer look at him to laugh, some raving, ' Kong Yi oneself, new scar is put on again on your face! ' he does not reply, to saying in ark, ' lukewarm two bowls of wine, want dishful fennel beans. ' eduction 9 article big money. " if you are to the person that writes knowledge certainly can discover Lu Xun gentleman,this paragraph is opposite Kong Yi oneself the character that come on the stage comes was to use many writing ability method, changed mind that is to say, above all, the first is generalized with respect to what to Kong Yi personal identity and habit undertook height. Next, to its appearance undertook thick pen is drawn the outline of, explained circumstances of his age, life and character trait. Again, narrated everybody why to call him Kong Yi oneself, with paper of trace in black ink over characters printed in red the word comes appellation he is actual it is further to his position subterranean proof. Finally, diction word picture will show great master the scoff at to him, so far, we can see a life of the is poisonned by imperial examinations bookman of the abjection, self-glorifying, times old society that gets scoff at and ride roughshod over fresh figure.
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