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Renown division gives directions: Coil up defends time of enzymatic Li accumula
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The times of informatization, make we are in tall of 3 for reference can have in the process " magnanimity " data. Of all kinds examination questions, imitate coils, each press writes " greater part head " book, make us too many things to see. The material is much, we had the room that accept or reject, the choice suits this school student, have the data of specific aim, to improving the student's result, having main effect. In the choice of all sorts of data, ask everybody not to forget, have a kind of data, it is had " scientific sex is strong " , " information content is high " , " standardization is good " characteristic, it is calendar year " examination paper of Chinese of the university entrance exam " .

As the power transfer to a lower level of proposition of the university entrance exam, annual the university entrance exam, countrywide each district can have more than 10 tall examination paper. These examination paper all are by basis of expert of proposition of the university entrance exam " curricular standard " , " exam outline " requirement, firm order is made come out. Authority and its science sex, normative sex are unassailable, for reference to having huge reference value to our the university entrance exam. Accordingly, use examination paper of good the university entrance exam reasonably, it is to rise tall 3 for reference efficiency, enhance a of the effectiveness that for reference important way. When examination paper of use the university entrance exam undertakes forring reference, our target is " understand the university entrance exam, the standard trains " , let a student understand the university entrance exam through tall examination questions, the form that will know subject of the university entrance exam through tall examination questions, content and standard, let them for reference for ours make due contribution. In addition, we should notice the following.

Above all, notice sex of effectiveness for a given period of time, logical choice.

The university entrance exam restored 30 years, all have tall examination paper year after year, them uniform " take " , also be incorrect apparently. We say, "The university entrance exam changes year after year " , especially " new course is reformed " since, new the university entrance exam and before no matter the university entrance exam is in on formally or content, all can reflect go out to differ tremendously. Take the tall examination paper last year, inscribe photograph comparing with the university entrance exam 10 years ago, that has absolutely " a world of difference " . But if because proposition of the university entrance exam is,be abided by " firm in beg change, transfer smoothly " guiding principle will evolve, accordingly, the university entrance exam that takes out coils, we can discover its change is not quite big actually. And the change of examination paper of the university entrance exam, also be the report of information of reform of the university entrance exam actually, it is we for reference in the center must the place of special attention. In apply examination paper of the university entrance exam to undertake tall 3 when forring reference, our starting point should be put on the examination paper of each district the university entrance exam that comes nearly 3 years, especially examination paper of before one year, it and in those days photograph of the university entrance exam is compared, having huge dependency, must take careful research, train seriously. And treat time to compare ages ago examination paper, also not be entirely is paid no attention to, should have however undertake filtration optionally, reasonable cooperate to for reference. For instance, the fundamental title of the language, ancient prose is read wait for content, still have referenced value very much.
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